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Sf Equestrian; Terms and conditions 2021 English

During the week, fresh semen can be ordered daily before 9:30 and will be delivered the next day. For particular regions in Germany and in Belgium same day delivery and delivery in the weekend is possible. No delivery is possible on Sundays and bank holidays, however, you can always collect the semen.
If a stallion becomes unavailable at short notice during the breeding season for any particular reason (competition, fully booked, sickness etc.), we will offer an alternative stallion of your choice. In this case, you will only be required to pay the studfee of the last stallion used. Studfees are non-reimbursable.

Our breeding season ends at Aug. 15th

In case you want to bring over your mare for breeding to Sf Equestrian; Stabling charges are € 6,00 (excl. VAT) per mare per day and € 10,00 (excl. VAT) for a mare with foal at foot.

Order and payment
Semen ordering can be done online at: or by e-mail, telephone or fax. If you order by fax or email, always check in the morning by phone call if we received your order.

We need complete information of the mare owner, delivery address and the mare details before delivery of the semen.

We only ship out semen if we have received full payment of studfee before delivery of the semen.

In case you use the semen for ICSI or Embryo-flushing: the studfee is charged for every flushed out embryo or for every succesful ICSI.

The stud fee does not include costs for EU Health Certificate, Transport and VAT, these costs will be invoiced to you at the end of the breeding season.

Payment of the studfee can be done by bank transfer or creditcard.

If the mare is not in foal before the 1st of October 2021, we need an official and signed veterinarian statement stating the mare is not in foal. With this statement you can continue breeding for 50% of the studfee in 2022.

The transport of the semen is at the risk of the receiver.

Frozen semen
For information about which stallions are available with frozen semen you can contact Sf Equestrian.

Sf Equestrian does not sell loose straws, only pregnancies. Straws that are not used must be returned to Sf Equestrian.

The number of straws can differ per stallion. Each dose will contain the correct amount of straws required for one insemination. The number of straws is determined at Sf Equestrian after each collection.

All semen remain the property of Sf Equestrian. Selling of any unused semen is forbidden, the customer agrees to pay Sf Equestrian an additional full stud fee for every used or unused straw not returned to Sf Equestrian.

The splitting of doses or straws is strictly forbidden.

Sf Equestrian accept no liability whatsoever for damage, sickness or injury to people, animals, transportation or otherwise.

Mares are inseminated entirely at the cost and risk of the owner.

The transport of the semen is at the risk of the receiver.

By ordering and buying semen, the mare owner declares to have taken cognizance of these conditions and declares to fully agree with these services and payment conditions, as well as with the studfees.
When you order fresh or frozen semen from Sf Equestrian the general terms and conditions of the Dutch ‘Bond van Hengstenhouders’ in the Netherlands are applied.

For any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us at

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